5 Tips for Online Class Success!

I am doing my ENTIRE Bachelor’s course online.

I know I’m crazy.

However, I am feeling very confident in my online class abilities and my tricks have been working out well for me! I have a 4.0 in my BSN program and I wanted to share the biggest tips I have so that you can succeed as well!

due date compliance.png

1. Write in due dates

This one might be “duh!”, but most people just rely on updates from BlackBoard or Canvas to let them know when things are due.

I’m gonna tell you right now, that’s not gonna work! Instead, the minute you get your syllabus with due dates, WRITE THEM DOWN! As you know, I am a huge fan of having a paper planner and this is the reason why

2. Self-paced? Create due dates!

The biggest challenge for people who like to procrastinate are self-paced courses. They are very deceiving. They seem easy cause you can take your time, but you’ll end up taking SO much time that you’re stressing out at the end of the semester trying to catch up!

Save yourself the pain and create a due date schedule for yourself. Self-paced courses still have assignments and test so just evenly space them out over the semester and stick to you time table.

3. Work ahead!

Especially in a non-self-paced course, working ahead can be so beneficial for when you’re stressing out in the future. Since I am taking both ADN and BSN courses SIMULTANEOUSLY, crazy due dates can sometimes coincide.

So rather than stressing out over multiple assignments, I will work ahead during any spare time. For example, this semester, I was working night shift and had to stay up all night the preceding night to reset my internal clock. So, during that time, I worked on discussion posts or cases studies.

Professors will not get mad at you for turning things in early.

I promise.

From The little Green Bean on Pinterest

4. Dedicate a specific area in your home for schoolwork

Studies show that different locations carry different subconscious messages. For example, bedroom = sleep and kitchen = eat. Therefore, you are more likely to fall asleep doing homework if you choose to spread it out across your bed.

I chose my office as a good space to focus and prevent any side distractions. I have all my books and materials in there so there is no reason for me to leave the room until my work is completed.

5. Dedicate a time in the day for studying

With a regular, in-person class, you schedule a specific time to go on campus right? Why not do the same with online classes?

Schedule in time to use that dedicated space we talked about to work on things for those classes specifically. And if you don’t have anything due that week, work ahead!

See how these all work together?


Good luck to those taking online classes. It’s hard, but totally worth it!

One thought on “5 Tips for Online Class Success!

  1. Hi, Iโ€™m an online student as well and these are some great tips! I always use google calendar to write in my hard due dates ahead of time as a strong reminder, and I try my best to use my desk only for schoolwork (since Iโ€™ve definitely fallen asleep in bed reading before)


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