5 Ways to Organize for Nursing School

My LAST year of school starts today! I’m so excited! I will be finishing my second bachelor’s, but this time, it’s in nursing and I am so grateful for this opportunity to be a better person. Nursing school has been very hard and I just wanted to share my top five ways that I organize myself for school.


1. One binder to rule them all

Many people enjoy having multiple binders for multiple classes. However, in nursing school, a lot of the topics cross over each other, so I put them all in one big binder. I use tabs to separate the classes, sticker tabs to separate the weeks, and solid colored paper to separate topics.

I only bring to class the subjects for that test. Once the test is over, I move everything into a more permanent semester binder.


2. A fun and efficient planner

I have gone through so many different planners in my schooling career. My first bachelor’s, I relied purely on the school’s free planner that they gave out. It was a very simple weekly planner that was just for jotting things down than really organizing.

This planner that I got from Tools4Wisdom is probably my favorite one yet. It organizes my days into times and that allows me to be more accountable in my actions of how to use my time wisely. It also has large monthly calendars and daily checkboxes (which are my favorite organizational tool!)


3. Don your wall with a large whiteboard

Having a whiteboard in my office not only allows me to see important dates right off the bat, but I also use it as a study tool. When I have a large physiological concept relating to a disease process, it’s really beneficial to draw it out BIG. It helps me to see it all and then translate it to a smaller piece of paper in my notebook.


4. Use a desk calendar as a wall calendar

I love calendars (if you can’t tell). Since I usually just have my planner open to a specific day, I really enjoy having this calendar up all the time. At a quick glance, I can see what I have going on this week and the next.

I put my washi collection to good use here by color coding events. Bright orange is for tests, green is for simulations, blue is for clinical, and rainbow is days off! Colors help with the association centers in your brain to promote memory.


5. Spiral-bound notebooks

Last summer, I was in statistics. I had paper GALORE! But it was never in order and so I never knew which process went to which problem. I decided to try a notebook and it worked sooooo well for me! By having all my notes in one spot chronologically, I was really able to feel less stressed because I was more organized.

In nursing school, we take notes on PowerPoints. However, that too can get crowded so I plan to use these notebooks to rewrite my notes into my own words as a study tool.


Those are my big tips for organizing my nursing school chaos! What are yours? Comment below!

Stay strong!


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