Bullet Journal

October Set-Up

Happy Spooky October!

October is one of my favorite month’s of the year! Beautiful fall-colored leaves, wearing my husband’s sweaters, putting my dogs in sweaters, pumpkin spice chai – you name it! I love the fall! But along with fall comes school, which is why I’ve been so absent!

Just a quick life update, I’m finally settled into my new house and am completing midterms for the nursing program that I am in. (P.S. Would anyone want a post about nursing school? Comment below!)

So to jump back into the swing of things, here is my set-up for October! Simple, sweet, and spooky, just perfect!

october blog.jpg

Line-a-Day and Mini-Calendar

I’m still loving the line-a-day idea! Keeping a short momentum of my day helps me remember fun times and fun things that I can easily forget. It also helps me wind down at the end of the night to really focus on the big things that happened that day rather than all the annoying little things. Helps to remember what’s important.


After September, I’ve decided to keep the mini-calendar. While it wasn’t helpful during the summer months, it was a blessing to see everything laid out for crazy school events in September. I love the colors for my calendar this month too with PURPLE, ORANGE, and BLACK. Perfect for fall, no?

Six-Word Story and Wellness

Something that I’ve found over the past year and a half of bullet journaling is if something works, keep it! And one of my favorite sets of pages I have is my challenge and my tracker.

I absolutely love this challenge from Page Flutter. I’ve been loyal to her from the beginning and it is just so creative and fun! Allows me to exit my nursing mind and reattach to my creative mind.


I’ve found that this tracker is the best way to track not only my physical health, but my mental health as well. By tracking my sleep, diet, and mood on a line graph, I am able to see if there are any trends between if my mood is effected by my sleep or food intake.

Monthly goals!

This month, I want to be able to achieve three things:

  1. Pass my midterms
  2. Go on fun adventures with my husband
  3. Post three blog posts

So far, my husband and I have attended our first Renaissance Faire (in costume!) and this is blog post #1! So far, so good!

We had waaaaaayy too much fun!

And as always, stay strong, stay creative, stay YOU!

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