Show Day! ~ A Reflection

I’m alive! Where have I been? A quick catch-up: I bought a house, moved in, went without Wi-Fi for about three weeks (!), started training harder, and started nursing school! I’ve been so busy! Luckily, I’m starting to settle into the groove and hope to get back to my weekly blogs!

Since it’s been officially four months since my first bikini/figure competition, I want to reflect on the day. I’ve now completely reversed dieted and have regained most of my pre-cutting strength and mental capacity.

So let’s start at the very beginning…waking up on show day


I don’t think I’ve ever felt sicker than I did on show day. And I don’t mean butterflies in my stomach, I mean dry heaving because there isย nothing in my stomach.

I had to wake up early to get my bronzer applied, makeup on, and get to the venue early to pump up. But the minute I woke up, I felt all wrong. I was shaking, dizzy, teeth-chattering, my stomach was very upset, and I had to run to the bathroom every five minutes (which is really hard with a fake tan btw).

But I looked pretty good, I just couldn’t flex without becoming nauseous.


Once my trainer showed up, I just sat on the floor as her and my husband helped me get ready. From getting my makeup and hair done to putting on jewelry, they were so helpful.

TIP: Marry someone who is willing to love you even when you are a cranky, sick, and moody Oompa Loompa.

You can just tell how out if it I was.

Morning Show

So at most shows, the even takes place over a few days and has pre-judging in the mornings followed by the main show and trophy ceremonies at night. This show, however, did one set of competitors in the morning and another a night. The morning show would have pre-judging first then trophy ceremonies an hour or two later and same with the evening show. My morning show was figure and my night show was bikini.

Everyone would much rather spend their Saturday night looking at bikini girls than figure girls — just saying!

Once my hair and makeup was done, I curled up to take a quick nap. Since I was so sick, my trainer was more worried about my health than the stage so I was eating oatmeal and drinking tap water. Once I woke up, I felt much better, but still out of it.

Hello, leg definition!

We walked to the event center to find I had only five minutes until line-up! They were incredibly ahead of schedule. I ended up doing push-ups — in heels — backstage while waiting to go on. My category only had five contestants in it and I got first call-outs so I felt pretty good.

Figure Barbie

Trophy ceremony came and I got fifth. Out of five. While I did get a bronze statue, I was disappointed that I got last. I’m a highly competitive person and this just made me upset.

Looking back now, I should’ve been excited that I even made it to the stage considering how sick I was. I am proud that I got up in front of all those people and flexed my wings. Will I do it again? Hells yeah! Will I win? You bet.

I call her my Ugly Bronze Lady

Between Shows

I had about five hours until my the evening bikini show, so I decided to relax, get a second coat of bronzer, and also freshen up my curls to be more “fun” for bikini.

Still rocking the green!

Night Show

By this time, all of the nausea and upset stomach that I felt that morning are completely gone. I feel so much better and am just looking forward to my post-show binge! The evening show began at 5pm so I stopped eating carbs around noon. Since I had so much carbs in the morning due to being sick, I didn’t want to spill over too much more than I already had.

I must say, I really enjoyed the bikini posing. I felt a lot more girly and flirty than with figure. However, I do like the appearance of figure much more aesthetically pleasing so I will be striving more towards that. This show was just about having fun! With about three times as many girls in this category though, I had to hold poses much longer. This caused a lot of cramping and fake smiling, but I think I pulled it off!


I participated in both novice and open divisions. In novice, I was third to last and in open, I was last in my height category. I was devastated. Again, I am a perfectionist who is running on very little carbs. My best friend who also competed with me also didn’t place so we were feeding off each other’s sad energy.

Our faces say it all.

Post show

The best part about the competition was the amount of support I had. Between my husband, family, and friends, I was never alone and always felt comforted. I even made a few new friends backstage! I added a few on Instagram and can now follow their progress and give support as well as the other way around!

One of the girls backstage gave me Funyuns and I gave her some gummy bears. Now that’s a true friendship!

On the way to our post-show pizza party, I stopped by Krispy Kreme (in my suit and robe still) and inhaled six donuts. No regrets were made.


Competition hard mentally, physically, and emotionally. The day was a roller coaster of ups and downs, but I’m so glad I did it. I’ve been saying for almost three years that I have been wanting to do a competition but never actually committing myself to it. I’m proud for how far I came and how I’ve instilled healthy practices into my life.

This isn’t just a “phase”. This is a lifestyle change and I am so glad that I am doing something to better help myself in the long run.

Future shows? Not immediately. I’ve been accepted into a two-year nursing program (yay!) which I would like to devote all of my efforts into. I am simply going to continue to build muscle and progress over the next two years and when I graduate, I will be able to bring an even better package to the stage. I would like to strictly be figure, depending on how much I grow within these years.

Let’s see what else the future holds for this fit chick!


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