Bullet Journal

Creating July

Happy July! Can you believe we are already half way through 2017?! Where’d the time go? I want to do a quick life update and then jump into showing you my new July set-up!

This month is really exciting for me because my husband and I are moving into a house that we BOUGHT! I’m so excited to use my creativity to design and decorate a place that is ours and not just a rental. Have any cool decoration ideas?

I’m also preparing for nursing school this fall! I’ll be sure to create a post about getting ready for school and maybe even a nursing school checklist? Thoughts?

In addition to all this other chaos, I’m performing in TWO musical shows! One a musical theater piece and the other, an opera. I have my first degree in vocal performance so being on the stage is like being home for me. It’s going to be a busy summer! Therefore, I need my bullet journal to help keep me sane!


I had way too much fun with this bow flag!

Vertical Calendar and Wellness Tracker

After using the grid style for two months, I realized that while it looked really cool, I never updated it past the first week. So I needed something smaller and more functional which lead me back to the traditional vertical calendar. However, I didn’t want to waste so much space so I divided it into two parts: Appointments and Gratitude.

Everyday, I will write down in one or two words what I am grateful for when I check my schedule for my daily set-up. This way, I will start the morning off with positive vibes and be ready for anything!


And of course I kept my wellness tracker! I only tweeked it slightly to read “exercise” instead of “cardio”. Since I am no longer cutting for a show, cardio is no longer necessary. However, with my busy work and show schedule, being sure I exercise is a must! I write “L” for lifting, “D” for dancing, and “C” for cardio (because it never truly goes away!

Daily Line and Six Word Story

I’m continuing with my “mini-journaling” inspired by Boho Berry in my Daily Lines spread. Each day, I journal out a memory or something exciting that happened that day so that when I’m rereading these next year, I know exactly what was going on.


I also refuse to give up on the Six Word Story Challenge from PageFlutter! I may not finish it every month or be able to rhyme every other day, but I really enjoy the little prompts and creativity that people have when writing them!

I’m Reading…

Everything apparently! I really do love to read books in my spare time (when I actually have spare time!). However, I end up reading multiple books depending on if I am on the couch, in bed, or in the dark on my Kindle so I want to make sure that all my books are being treated fairly!


I’ve added on Harry Potter and the Sorceror’s Stone because although I’m sure I’ve read the series about four times, I just found a  companion podcast called Harry Potter and the Sacred Text. In the podcast, it discusses themes chapter by chapter and it really made me want to reread the books again. Especially as an adult now!

Happy Independence Day to all my fellow Americans and happy July to all!

Stay strong, stay creative, stay YOU!


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