Bullet Journal

June Set-up

I’m back! I know it’s been awhile, but it was a great vacation! I was focusing on school so much that I wasn’t having fun or bullet journaling. It’s a good thing that my husband and I decided to take our honeymoon the day after classes got out!

I didn’t keep any schedule in May, but used my bullet journal as a diary of whatever we were doing that day. But with rehearsals, work, and school coming back up, I’m excited to get back into bullet journaling!

So let’s dive into my new set-up for June!


Grid Calendar

I started the dual-page grid calendar in May, but since I didn’t get a chance to use it much, I decided to add it in again! I put a future log on the side because I missed writing in a lot of appointments over my honeymoon.


I love these new Sarasa Fineliners from Zebra Pens! They are smooth to write with, are beautiful colors, and don’t bleed!

Line a Day and Wellness Tracker

As much as I enjoyed full-day journaling, I missed the simplicity of one line detailing my day. I love this Boho Berry inspired idea!

I keep up with my wellness tracker because even though my competition is over, I want to continue my healthy lifestyle. Gotta get ready for the next competition!



I will never give up my favorite Six Word Story challenge! Megan at PageFlutter.com always makes such fun prompts and I love being creative with them!

Kara at Boho Berry started a new challenge this month that I decided to try instead of my usual Plan With Me Challenge (another one of Kara’s). It is appropriately titled the Boho Berry Challenge and the themes will be changing monthly, which I like. This month’s theme? Creativity!


Currently and Book Tracker

My last “Currently” was way back in April so I felt like it was time to do another! My lyrical.bujo instagram account grew by 500 followers and my lyricalfitchick instagram account doubled! Thanks guys! It’s also fun to see changes in books and music as well.

Speaking of books, I’m updating my tracker! I keep reading multiple books at once so I want to make sure I’m spending equal time with all my book babies! I’ve still got space for a few more…



And that’s June! I’m excited to get back to rapid logging and being productive!

Stay strong, stay creative, stay YOU!


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