Bullet Journal

Time Trackers: Clocking Me Into Sanity

As I have grown into my bullet journal, I’ve added more and more to it to become the most productive version of me that I can be. Recently, one of my new favorite things are time trackers! I am a full-time student, full-time wife, and part-time waitress so I needed something to show me how and where my time is being spent. That way, I don’t overexert myself or double-book anything.

I want to show you all the different ways I’ve experimented with this idea and also show you some inspiration!

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The Traditional

When I first decided to try a time tracker, it also happened to be the first week I decided to try to dailies again. So I went to Boho Berry for inspiration and found her time tracker. I really liked how it wasn’t a straight line across the top of the daily, like a border, but more like a “widget”, if you will.


I forgot that you shouldn’t put the hourly lines in until you are actually scheduling. That way, the only lines on the tracker are the beginning and ends of events. This week was confusing with too many lines. I also missed my structure, so for the next week, I tried something new with my boxes.

Time Box

Since the other time tracker was already so small, it was easy to incorporate into my daily boxes. However, to fit into the A5 Leuchtturm size and still have a separation between days, I had to do 11-hour time blocks instead of 12. So I simply removed 12am-1am because who schedules anything but sleep at midnight?


The next week, I tried to fit all the hours in and instead of vertical trackers, I put it along the tops of the boxes. Except on Sunday, I put it at the bottom to avoid confusion with Saturday’s schedule. I ended up not liking this as much because I kept confusing which day the tracker belonged to at first glance.


Time Ladders

With a new month in April, I decided to be even more creative with my boxes and do a full time ladder!

I only used this idea for one week and here’s why. I became overwhelmed. With this spread, I put in everything on my schedule and labeled it, which made me feel really busy. And then I had to cram rapid logging and to-do lists into my “sleep” time, which made me feel busy. I also had to shove Sunday in the corner and it kind of threw off the perfection of the columns.

While ladders work for some people, I use my bullet journal to keep me calm and this spread did the opposite. So, next idea!

Back to the Time Boxes

And now we have come almost full circle and have arrived back at the vertical time boxes. I really like the use and ease of these and I think I’ll be sticking to them for the remainder of the semester! I have less than a month left of school and my schedule is just getting more and more hectic with tests, concerts, and my competition coming up! So glad I have this system to help me organize my carb-deprived brain and calm me down!


Color Code

I have been using the same color code throughout my entire bullet journal journey and I was so excited that I had matching Zebra Mildliners to fill out my time tracker! My code is as follows:

  • light blue – sleep
  • purple – fitness
  • orange – school
  • brown – work
  • pink – personal appointments
  • dark blue – music


I am always looking on Instagram and Pinterest for people who are creative and have made something that could help me in my daily life. Here’s a few of my favorite time tracker inspirations!

And there are so many more out there! Let me see what you do for time tracking! I’d love to know!


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