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Personal Planner Review

I am a planner addict! Long before I had ever discovered the beauty and organization of the bullet journal, I loved using weekly planners. I used them to track my appointments, school assignments, and so much more!

However, I could never find a full style that I liked. I would like the layout of the week, but not the month or I never had spaces for notes. Then I found a fully customizable planner that I could have all to myself!

The wonderful folks over at Personal Planner hooked me up with a planner and a notebook and I wanted to share my honest opinion about them with you!

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The Planner

The Personal Planner comes in five different sizes: mini, square, wide, A4, and, their newest, A5. I decided to go with their original size – the square, which is 5.8″ x 5.6″ and has 130 pages in it.

Once you pick your size, now the fun part begins – customizing it! It will first have you choose a picture for the front cover, and then one for the back cover. There are so many choices! You can pick from fun sayings or photos that they provide or upload one of your own! Then, there is a design studio element that allows you to add lettering, stickers, and many other options.


I chose a photo that they had provided for my front cover and then added a motivational saying that I really like. Then for the back cover, I uploaded my Bujo and Barbells logo!


Next, you start to customize the inside. You can even have the planner start on a different month! I started mine in March because it was the end of February when I ordered it. In the square design, you have two options for a weekly – horizontal or vertical. I chose the vertical because I can fit more in the spaces.


With the weekly layout, you can customize even further with whether or not you want it ruled, and if you do, want those lines colored. You can also customize the header that I have in a geometric pink. On the bottom of the page, you can choose up to three more modules to further help track things, such as tests, meals, and much more!

When I had finished perfecting my weekly layout (which took forever!), I found I still had 18 pages left over to fill! They give you fun options, such as sudoku, and practical options, such as a yearly overview, to choose from. I chose the yearly overview, sudoku, and the remaining pages were a dot grid.

You can also customize the structure of the planner more with different colored ruler bookmarks and elastic closures. I chose a pink ruler (duh!) and a white elastic.

The Notebook

I decided to try both options and also get a notebook! I got the mini size which is 4.1″ x 5.6″ and has 130 pages (all options have 130 pages, except the A5 which has 160). The customization is the same as the planner, except without the weekly spread.

For my covers, I decided to go with the stock photos this time. I added a vignette to the front cover to make it a little more fun.

It reads “2017: the year of total control. (If only I could find my planner)”

The back cover is one of the patterns available: marble. They have dozens of different patterns to choose from – even gold-print!


Next, it breaks your notebook into four different sections and allows you to pick from 12 different inlays to customize your pages. Your left page can even be different from your right page! I chose dot grid for my first two sections, ruled for my third, and for my music side of me, staff lines for my fourth!


Again, you get to choose ruler and elastic closure colors. I chose a teal ruler this time!

Pros and Cons

Once I received them both, I found a lot of things about them that I liked. Including the fact that it came with TONS of stickers! There are banners, bubbles, check lists, task icons, even smileys!


Another thing I really liked was how it passed the pen test with flying colors. Not one of my pens bled through – even my wet Pilot Metropolitan fountain pen wrote beautifully!


So my final pro list is as follows:

  • The ability to customize
  • Uniqueness in overall design
  • Thick, smooth paper that can withstand different inks
  • Good quality covers – includes two plastic protective covers and a plastic pocket to hold all the stickers!
  • Free stickers!!!

There were some cons that I found. These are all my personal, unbiased opinions as I am not receiving any payment for this review. My con list is:

  • Your stuck with one weekly the whole year
  • There isn’t a monthly layout to have between each month
  • The yearly overview doesn’t give much room for multiple appointments
  • The elastic closure is strong so the book gets warped easily

Other than that, I love it! I am using my planner for my school appointments only and the notebook acts as a satellite bullet journal, staying in my purse for when I’m on the go and need to take notes.



I like this planner so much that to celebrate reaching 4000 followers on Instagram, I am teaming up with the awesome guys at Personal Planner to give one to YOU! Head over to my Instagram page to enter! Giveaway will be closed at midnight PST on St. Patrick’s Day (3/17).

Good luck to everyone who enters and thank you to everyone who has supported me!

Don’t forget to be creative today!

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