Bullet Journal

New Year, New Journal, New Intro!

I have only been using a bullet journal now for about ten months and so I was really excited for the new year to roll around! I wanted to be able to have a bullet journal intro that would last me the whole year!

I had started with a ruled notebook from Michaels and then quickly migrated into the B5 sized Leuchtturm 1917 dot-grid! So much room for activity! But with a new year coming up, I knew it was time to migrate again. This time, I wanted to migrate into the traditional A5 hardcover (the B5 size uses a soft cover). I went away from my usual pink (gasp!) and got the gorgeous Emerald color.

It even matches my Pilot Metropolitan!

Putting down the first ink

I think the hardest part about starting a bullet journal is taking the plunge and just inking it up! This is now my third bullet journal and I was still so nervous!  I didn’t want to mess up the first page!

Since new year means a new beginning, I needed to pick out a word of the year. Something to focus on and always keep in my mind to help me lead a strong new year. I’m trying to get into nursing school this year and participate in my first fitness competition. So I chose “determination” as my word of the year.


I am determined to do well in my classes. I am determined to stick to my diet. I am determined to do cardio hours a day (so not ready for that day…). I am determined to get on stage in front of a thousand people in the world’s smallest bikini. I am determined to achieve my goals.

Oh, and of course, the first thing in the front is my key. I color code my life inside and outside of my bullet journal so it’s nice to see it all explained in one place.

Yearly layout

I don’t like doing a future log. However, I do like to be able to see my year at a glance so I created this year grid! This way, I can see all the dates once without being over-stimulated by different event colors. The only thing I put on this calendar is a blue circle around dates indicating a holiday or birthday.


Also gives me a chance to practice my monthly lettering before the actual monthly!

Big Goals and Books!

Since it is a new year, I need some resolutions! This is a big year for me as it is my first year as a wife! (We got married a week before Christmas 2016). My resolutions suddenly sound very grown up, so I tried to make them look fun with the layout!

My goals for 2017 are

  • Find a house!
  • Read 30 books (50 was just way too much for me last year!)
  • School: keep 4.0, get accepted to nursing school, don’t procrastinate!
  • Marriage: date night 2x/month, plan honeymoon, say “I love you” everday
  • Fitness: compete in a show, increase flexibility

It seems like a lot, but these are the things that will keep me happy and give me a brighter future. That’s always important, right?

What’s your favorite book?

I loooove creating my bookshelf! I’ve migrated my bookshelf over from all my bullet journals so far and I don’t see myself ending that tradition any time soon! This time, I used Zebra Mildliners to create a standing bookshelf, rather than the floating shelves I use to do.

When I start a book, I write in the titles and once I’ve finished it, I color it is! Right now I’m in the middle of three different books:

  • Enchantress by James Maxwell
  • Masks by E.C. Blake
  • The Magicians by Lev Grossman

You can tell I like series, huh?


I love using this calendar-index medley to keep up with my future! I was introduced to this system during my first bullet journal by Eddy Hope through a blog post by Boho Berry. I have never used the index much and always ran out of room in my future log. I found this to be a very useful tool into still knowing what’s going on in the future withinmy bullet journal!


Check out the links above to really understand how to use it!

Level 10 Life

I love recreating my Level 10 Life spread in every journal! It allows me to see the process (or downfall) of moving towards my goals. This time around, I changed up my wheel design though. I wanted to play around with a different look and also use all of my new Staedtler Triplus fineliners!

I managed to match up my fineliners with my crayola colored pencils giving the circle some fun, bright colors!


To the far right, I added a column to track January’s numbers (the levels I started with) and December’s numbers (the levels I ended with). This way, I’ll know what to focus on in 2018!

My TV and Movie Addiction

Hi, I’m Kate, and I’m addicted to Netflix.

It’s true! I love watching series! (Seems to be a theme…).

I recently finished FriendsNCIS, and Criminal Minds. Well, finished everything that was on Netflix at least!

My new series are Gilmore Girls (how come no one told me about this show earlier?!) and The OA.


I’m still continuously watching Bones, Grey’s Anatomy (starting to lose its luster though…), and Once Upon a Time.


On the opposite page, I put the titles of the movies I really, really want to see this year! Once I see them, I’m planning on gluing in the ticket stubs onto my movie tracker page (within my February monthly). That way, I can keep adding movies as they are announced and keep track of date nights!

I rarely go to movies without my husband – also a movie junkie!

So that’s it in a nutshell! The following pages I start my January spread and continue on with my new year. I’m excited to live a determined life this year.

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