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February set-up

This month, I used my review from January to help me to further hone in on my idea of my ideal monthly set-up! I am no longer doing my habit tracker, but am going to be replacing it with a new collection.

This month’s color scheme?

PINK! and purple. But mostly PINK!

I wonder what my favorite color is…

Love, February

Since it is the month of love, I decided to welcome in the month by signing off goodbye to January by saying “Love, February”. Added some hearts and immediately felt the love!


Vertical monthly, Goals, and Memories

As I said in my January Review, I am really liking this vertical, traditional monthly log! Since I’m using my Calendex more, a grid calendar wasn’t necessary. This vertical set-up works so that I can see big holidays or appointments at a glance and also keep a mini-journal of the day!


On the opposite page, instead of the habit tracker, I’ve added a goals section and a memories section! This is a busy month for me with school and work so I wanted to be sure that I made goals that will keep me on track. Goals for the month: do well on all 3 (!) tests, have two date nights with my husband, and keep up with my blog calender.

I will doodle and fill in big memories in that section as the month goes along.


I love doing thirty day challenges! They help me find a creative outlet and give me an idea for that day. My two favorites are Page Flutter’s Six Word Story Challenge and the Plan with Me Challenge from the queens of bullet journaling, Boho Berry, Pretty Prints and Paper, and Tiny Ray of Sunshine.


You saw this on my previous post, January Review, so you know that I absolutely love these two challenges! If you’re interested in participating, I’ve linked them above for you!

Wellness and Blog Trackers

I started the Wellness tracker a few months ago when I made the choice to do a fitness competition. Doing a show means being strict to a lifting and cardio schedule and also keep track of your weight. This tracker is a simple and cute way to do just that!


One of my New Year’s resolutions was to keep up with blog posting so I created this spread last month to help me keep to a schedule. I have a section for all of the ideas I have (January Review, February Set-Up, Pen Hoard, etc.) and then a 3-day calendar. I didn’t want to be stressed about writing everyday so I have set aside time three days a week to write.

Weeklies begin!

And then I start my weeklies! I learned from doing different set-ups in January, that I don’t particularly like having my boxes on one side of my page. So I put them across the bottom and so far, I like how that’s working for me!

Excited to see how this set-up works for me!

Supplies used and links get them!

2 thoughts on “February set-up

  1. Hi, Kate! I’m so happy you are enjoying the 6-word story challenge. You’re one of my most dedicated participants, and I always enjoy your entries. Thanks for adding your lovely voice to the journaling community! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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