Bullet Journal

January Review

After doing my big annual review of 2016, I’ve decided to start to do a review for every month! This way, my annual review will be easier to create and I’ll be able to understand how to move forward with the next month.

Bringing in the new year with color!

I started the month like I always do: with a doodle wreath welcoming the month! The month started (and ended) snowy so I made the monthly theme snowflakes! I added the poinsettias for some color, but ended up only using them in this wreath. I’m almost fluent in French so I like to throw in some French words when I can!

Bonjour 2017!
Monthly spread and habit tracker

This month I decided to move away from my usual grid monthly and try the original bullet journal monthly log using the modification from Boho Berry of adding memories (her monthly here). I made the vertical calendar and then added in my color coded appointments on each date. (Blue for holidays, orange for school, etc.). Then everyday I would add a memory of what I did that day. I may not have had any appointments, but I still did something!


I decided to also bring back my habit tracker. I had moved away from it the past few months because I kept forgetting to do it. However, with the new year, I wanted to hold myself more accountable. The first week or so, I was pretty good at keeping up. Then once school really hit, I only used the habit trackers in my weekly and rarely on this page.


Every month, I have my two favorite challenge – PageFlutter’s Six Word Story Challenge and the Plan With Me Challenge from the collective minds of Boho Berry, Pretty Prints and Paper, and Tiny Ray of Sunshine. The Plan With Me Challenge has a printable that I just glue into my bullet journal, which makes it super convenient!


Wellness tracker and blog progress

I started the wellness tracker about two months ago and I love it! Since I’m training for a fitness competition, it’s important for my to know my weight and how many times a week I have trained or done cardio. This is just a simple tracker to help me do just that!


I’ve made it a goal this year to keep up on my blog posting and this handy mini-monthly helps me do just that! I condensed the week down to just three days so that I don’t have to stress every day about writing. Most of my weeks are Monday-photos, Wednesday-write, and a Friday-post. Some weeks, I’m even early and post on Wednesday!


I love my weeklies! Since this in my first month in my new A5 size, I spent this month experimenting with my box placement each week. Then I would build my trackers around that.


I always have the same specific things in my weekly:

  • To-do list at the top
  • 5-piece habit tracker
  • Social media/instagram tracker
  • Coming up…
  • Sometimes weather

I found that I liked having the boxes across the bottom of both pages rather than all on one side because I had more space to put more bullets!

January wrap up, February planning

Since doing my yearly review, I’ve decided to start doing monthly reviews to help me figure out what worked, what didn’t, and how to prepare for next month.

When preparing for the next month, I like to pick out my color scheme, additions, and goals for the next month. Since February is the month of Valentine’s Day, I of course picked my favorite colors: pink and purple! I’m glad I have matching Staedtler fineliners (get here!) and Pentel Fude Touch Sign Pens (get here!) so that my month won’t clash!

So ready for February!

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