Sweating for the Wedding

Now if you follow me on either of my Instagram pages, you’ll know that I recently got married! It was an amazing and beautiful day surrounded by my closest friends and family. The one thing though that had plagued me the whole month up until that day was “Will my dress fit?” I had gone from a size ten to a size two in a year and I wanted to share with you my story and the tips and tricks of how to lose weight healthy for any occasion you need!

January to March

I began my journey by putting myself on a 90-day muscle building program. I started at 160 lbs and feeling gross and lazy. I ended at 148 lbs and feeling energized to continue to live a healthy lifestyle throughout the summer


March to September

I was on my own. I was the only girl in the free weights section of my gym. I was the only one awake at six am to get my cardio in. But I kept going. I cut out processed sugars and alcohol and replaced them with fruits and veggies and a lot of chicken. So so so soooo much chicken. And I lost 8 more pounds and dropped two dress sizes. I had to return my dress for the second time for a smaller size!

Snagged myself a cutie, huh? 

September to November

I decided that if I was in, I was in all the way so I hired a personal trainer. She kicked my booty three days a week and had me working out two additional days without her. I was put onto a specific meal plan and meal prepped every Sunday (see my Meal Prep Definition for how I do that). I stayed the same weight and went down another dress size! It was insane!


December: Wedding month

I had two weeks, three finals, two labs, and a nursing entrance exam to do all before my wedding. It was the final stretch. I started to cut my carb intake down, changed to drinking purely distilled water (even in tea!), and was in the gym twice a day. I would jog in the mornings for 45 min. and then lift weights in the afternoon. A week before my wedding, I had my final dress fitting. She pinned it and said she would take it in and to pick it up two days before the wedding. I went back in later that week and it was lose! AGAIN! She was amazed at how fast I trimmed down and took it in again, bringing it down yet another dress size!

I never felt more beautiful than on my wedding day. It wasn’t because I was thin though. It was because I was strong. I had biceps and the lines of a six pack. I was complimented on my back muscles the whole night. I’ve never felt so good about my muscles until that point. I sweated hard for my wedding and it certainly paid off!15624047_187985455001247_7798743148686999552_n

So how did I do it?

Tips for Starting Out

  • Get a partner! There’s no better motivation than going through this process with someone who is doing the same thing.
  • Create a “Can Eat” and “Cannot Eat” list and then create meals from those
  • Create a set schedule of working out, even if it is only for thirty minutes a day!
  • Create a non-weight-based goal. For example, instead of saying “I want to lose 30 lbs”, say “I want to fit into my wedding dress”. I’ll explain later why this is important.

Why you should toss your scale

When I started out in December, I was 160 lbs and wore a size ten dress. Today, a month after my wedding, I am 140 lbs and still fit into my size two dress. The difference?

Not fat. Muscle.

I had burned so much fat, but gained muscle at the same time. Muscle is way more dense than fat so even though a pound of fat and a pound of muscle weigh the same, the actual size is immense. A pound of fat is about five times the size of a pound of muscle.

So just toss that scale because the numbers don’t help! The measuring tape on the other hand, that is a keeper!

Eat all the [healthy] foods!

I loooove to eat! Because I was working out so much, I was eating 1800-2000 calories a day! But it was all clean eating. I ate a lot of lean proteins like chicken and fish, healthy carbs like brown rice, and lots and lots of veggies! I love green beans, asparagus, green peppers, and broccoli.

I’m weird like that.

Yet it works! Find the foods that work for you and with them, you can create a plethora of healthy food options. Chicken parmesan? I can still eat that. Turkey tacos? Most definitely! Veggie omelet? Every morning.

Fat free Greek yogurt with fresh fruit, fat-free whipped cream and honey on top? Yum!

I believe you can do it too!

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