Bullet Journal

The Progression of the Weekly

There’s many different ways to log in your bullet journal and one of my favorites since the beginning has been the weekly layout! A weekly allows me to have all the information and appointments in the monthly, but much closer to my dailies. I can also make it more detailed than on my monthly simply because I now have more space.

There are hundreds of different weekly spreads out there to choose from! I still haven’t settled on one in specific, but I now know what I like and what I don’t. Some people track things on their weekly, others put in their goals for that week. And that’s yet another beauty of the bullet journal system – it’s all up to you.

Reasons why I like having a weekly:

  • it’s like having a dashboard without flipping all the way back to the monthly
  • more space than a monthly for details
  • you can add more trackers
  • quick glance at each day of the week
  • see what needs to get done that week

Reasons why I don’t like the weekly sometimes:

  • Can’t see that far in advance
  • Only one week at a time
  • Dailies are much smaller

How my weeklies began:

When I started my Bullet Journal, I tried a weekly that was very traditional to the bullet journal system:

My first ever weekly on the bottom and the following week on the top

I found that that just didn’t work for me, so I changed it up and added my dailies to the weekly. This saved me pages for collections and also allowed me to see everything in once fell swoop.

I kept this style for a few months, changing around the size and positions of the boxes:

Migrating from a lined notebook to a dot-grid notebook

When I migrated into my beautiful dot-grid Leuchtturm1917, my weeklies were forever changed. I used a B5 size so there was so much room for activities!

Without the lines, I decided to retry to the more traditional vertical weekly

And from there, there was just a lot of experimenting with boxes, trackers, graphs, doodles, calligraphy, and lists!

Crazy Experimentation!

I dubbed November “the weekly tryouts” and tried adding or subtracting a new component each week.

That was a fun month! Trying new layouts, but still keeping in theme with what I really liked about my weeklies. I now know that individual dailies just don’t work for me, therefore, I need all the dailies on one page for me to see all at once. I know that I have to have a to-do list and a mini tracker (I had stopped using a monthly tracker months ago). I really like my boxes! They keep the days separated from all the lists and trackers and help to keep them pointed out. I have also found that having one color scheme a month keeps my pages more organized and less chaotic.

The biggest thing I found though, was my creativity. Because I tried so many different layouts, I found how my brain works and how to use that to my advantage. The amazing thing about the bullet journal community is that no one person is like-minded. They are each individuals with beautiful thoughts and different levels of creativity. I can only give the advice of don’t be afraid to do something scary and new – you never know what might be translated by your pen! Just look at my December layout!

Can you say Candy Canes?


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